Plastic Properties I

Plastic-Properties-I-01 Plastic-Properties-I-02

/// Plastic Properties I

IMAGINED BY: Richard Kelly, guided by U. Knaack, T. Klein, and M. Bilow Part of the Future Envelope class at Penn State University

DATE: 07/04/2011

KEYWORDS: manipulating plastic, recycling, façade, system

PERFORMANCE: recycling

The idea is to develop a cheap and easy process that stimulates the creativity of the producer. By manipulating the properties of plastic bags, a highly accessible material, anyone can form, shape and produce specific designs based on the single modular unit of a plastic bag. Meant as a temporary spatial solution, these skins have a short shelf life, enabling a continuation in creativity and adaptation for the occupant. Composed of thin plastic, the translucent material is a good buffer against light, sound, and air; creating a simple shield between a conditioned and an unconditioned space. Options include manipulating the plastic into air pockets, water collectors, soil containers for a green wall, for example, sound absorption/reflectors etc.
The main idea is to add utilitarian functions to simple, temporary and habitable spaces, so that the user becomes a creator; by altering, manipulating and transforming his/her space depending on a particular use, condition and/or time. This one material can be easily manipulated to conform to a multiple of constraints and options.

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