IMAGINED BY: Ulrich Knaack, Marcel Bilow

DATE: 28/06/2006

KEYWORDS layered construction, composite, load-bearing, low-cost, structure, façade concrete, textiles

Within the course of glass constructions, a modular façade made of fiber-reinforced concrete with an integrated building-services element was developed. Up to the present, the main materials employed were the traditional materials used in extensive curtain walls, such as aluminum, steel, wood and glass. The development of fiber-reinforced concrete makes it possible to produce slim profiles and frames that can almost achieve the dimensions of those manufactured in aluminum or steel. The concept of a modular façade made of fiber-reinforced concrete shows the future field of application of this material as an extension of existing scopes for design. Fiber-reinforced concrete has been commonly used for façade constructions, namely the panels for curtain walls; however, its utilization for the load-bearing elements of façades is new. With a thickness of only 60mm, the mock-up model still shows a large potential for further development. The supporting pillars are filled with rigid foam and have an average thickness of 10mm.

This project was supported by the companies: Metallbau Holz / Leopoldshöhe (elements of the façade and glass), Fa. Durapact / Haan (fiber-reinforced concrete), Fa. Krülland / Kaarst (shading device).


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