Integrated-Sandwich-Construction-Jackbox-01 Integrated-Sandwich-Construction-Jackbox-02 Integrated-Sandwich-Construction-Jackbox-03 Integrated-Sandwich-Construction-Jackbox-04


IMAGINED BY: Ulrich Knaack, Marcel Bilow, Tillman Klein

DATE: 01/05/2007

KEYWORDS: composite, load-bearing, lightness, system building, composite

The idea of the JACKBOX project is based on a sensible combination of technical possibilities and intelligent materials in order to produce multifunctional system components. The sandwich panels are made by means of vacuum processing, and consist of the following elements: external GRP skin as weatherproof coating, sandwich core made of PU foam for heat insulation, and an inside layer of fiber-reinforced concrete with integrated capillary pipe mats.
The fiber-reinforced concrete layer provides cooling/heating through the capillary pipes, as well as additional temperature control due to its thermal mass, and efficient radiation heating. The parts of the building conceived as single modules were produced as one large GRP sandwich with a fiberglass-reinforced plastic skin and hard foam core, and then cut to size. The panels can be folded by incisions in the roof area. After the elements are fixed in the desired form, the inside surface of textile-reinforced concrete with inlaid capillary pipes was sprayed.

This project was supported by the following companies: Fa. Dorapact / Haan, Fa. Arthermo / Rad Oezn Hausen, Fa. Pecocar / Emschedz, Fa. Essmaxim/Bad Salz Uflem, Fa. Doorliuz / Leopolds Efgyz

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