Fiber-Concrete-Facade-post-01 Fiber-Concrete-Facade-post-02 Fiber-Concrete-Facade-post-03 Fiber-Concrete-Facade-post-04


IMAGINED BY: Ulrich Knaack, Marcel Bilow

DATE: 10/11/2007

KEYWORDS: system, load bearing, solid, façade, concrete

The typical materials currently used for post and beam façades are aluminum, steel and wood. Only aluminum sections contain all the necessary parts for joining and fixing in one extruded profile. Using wood or steel usually requires an aluminum profile that is attached to the load bearing beams to meet the fixing and sealing requirements. Looking more closely at these elements, other materials could perhaps provide a broader range of possibilities. In this concept, fiber-reinforced concrete profiles, formed into their final shape by pultrusion, could also fulfill load-bearing requirements.

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