/// The world is getting small – it seems there are no unknown territories left, mountains or deserts to explore.

Technology allows us to see the world from a different perspective. It can serve to interpret exciting matters in a new way. The investigation of new technologies allows us to be an explorer again.
Our focus within the Façade Research Group is the building envelope, with all the variations of technologies, materials, strategies and – of course – its beauty. Each of us tries to follow untrodden paths in his or her particular field of expertise – with all the pleasure and the pain of a true explorer. You do not know where you will end and what you will face. Sometimes the path is smooth – sometimes barriers, impossible to surmount, appear, and you have to find alternative routes. Sometimes wild animals approach in form of competitors, regulations or simply companies eating you up by offering a new job before the PhD is finished. And equipment is needed to survive this challenge: methodology, experience and people to share it with, tools, money of course – and a direction to head toward.
This is where the roadmap comes into place, giving the general outline of where why what happened and presumably will happen. So we organize our group via this roadmap – trying to assume upcoming topics and directions, understanding links and interaction, and sharing knowledge and experience: e.g. experience on how to survive (Marcel B: “read the f… manual!”); for beginners trying to find their way into a topic.  And yes, sometimes some get lost or are eaten up by the beasts – then we know that the region targeted does not allow us entering unarmed against crocodiles.

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