Imagine rapids from the imagine book series by Ulrich Knaack, Marcel Bilow & Tillmann Klein, rapid prototyping and digital manufacturing, facade concepts, facade design, architecture, technology and digital design CAD

Processes of construction are related to available technologies of production and assembly. Internet Technologies (IT)  have made a deep impact on design possibilities and the control of production logistics – enabling feats much as freeform architecture and increasingly precise elaboration. Alternatively, the idea of ‘Rapid Prototyping’ and ‘Rapid Manufacturing Technology’ provides the chance to create one-off components and elements for architeture. We now have the opportunity to design and construct without the disadvantages of production resistance and assembly needs – realize genuine IT-driven architecture.

/// Summary Imagine 04 – Rapids

Authors: Ulrich Knaack, Marcel Bilow, Tillmann Klein

Publishers: 010 Publishers , Rotterdam 2010

Delft University of Technology , Faculty ofArchitecture,  Chair of Design & Construction

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