ENSNARE  – ENvelope meSh aNd digitAl framework for building REnovation

///ENSNARE  – ENvelope meSh aNd digitAl framework for building REnovation

ENSNARE is a research project under the lead of Tecnalia / Spain – we are pleased to be part of it!

The main objective is to boost the implementation of renovation packages through (1) the digitalisation of the entire process by means of a digital platform and (2) the development of an industrialised envelope mesh enabling fast assembly and interconnection of passive and multifunctional building components. The methodology and tools provided will facilitate the necessary market uptake of novel and highly efficient solutions for nZEB, accelerating the current retrofitting rate and supporting the transformation of the European building stock into a highly efficient and technologically advanced built environment.

Project partners: Fundacion Tecnalia Research and Innovation, Civiesco Srl, Rrespa International BV, Riventi Fachadas Estructurales Sl, Ies R&D, Onyx Solar Energy Sl, Suntherm Aps, Abud Mernokiroda Kft, Envolventes Arquitectonicas Enar Sl, Company for Production, Trade and Engineering of Solar Collectorsand Solar Systems Kamel Solar Ltd. Skopje, Bionova Oy, R2m Solution Spain Sl, Tartu Linn, Balkanika Energy Ad, Coaf Srl, Technische Universitaet Muenchen, Universita Degli Studi di Padova, Nobatek Inef 4

More information you can find here:

ENSNARE: tudelft.nl


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