Parkour Park Project by SeRaMCo

///Parkour Park Project by SeRaMCo

The European project SeRaMCo researches and promotes the use of secondary raw materials in building structures. SeRaMCo contributes to the circular material loop of tomorrow. It helps to reduce the ecological footprint of the construction industry. 3 pilot projects showcase the innovations developed within SeRaMCo. One of them will be located in the City of Seraing in Belgium. Here, a PARKOUR park will be built that uses recycled construction waste such as concrete, bricks, tiles and ceramics for its building blocks. The Parkour park will provide young people with a new place to practice outdoor sports – on components made from recycled materials.

For more information click here: A Parkour park in Seraing, Belgium – a SeRaMCo pilot project using recycled demolition waste – YouTube

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