BE-AM Labs @ TU Darmstadt: DDU

///BE-AM Lab@ TU Darmstadt: DDU

The Digital Design Unite Lab:

COLLABORATIVE DESIGN: DDU researches forms of collaboration between architects and robots both in the design studio and on the construction site.

COMBINATORIAL DESIGN: Using computational design tools and digital fabrication DDU revisits modular design in architecture with the promise of reusable and affordable buildings.

DESIGN THROUGH GAMING: DDU explores how games can be used as design environments where architectural decisions are made collectively by architects, players and algorithms.

FORMWORK DESIGN: DDU’s work on rotoformed concrete pushes forward design processes for soft and reusable formwork with the aim to reduce material consumption in construction.

IMMERSIVE DESIGN: At DDU we look at the new types of interactions that emerge in Augmented and Virtual Reality and how they are redefining architectural design.

DIGITAL RECONSTRUCTION: DDU is reconstructing historic buildings for exhibitions and research projects.

Key equipment:

  • 2x Universal Robot UR 10 Kuka KR300 R2500 ultra 
  • 2 x 3d Printer Prusa
  • Laser cutting, CNC Hotwire Cutter, Microsoft Hololens, VR Head Sets 6x HTC Vive

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