PhD Defense Minyoung Kwon

///PhD Defense Minyoung Kwon

Minyoung Kwon’s PhD thesis, successfully defended in Delft on 20 01.2020, suggests user-focused design principles for energy-efficient office renovations. The goal of this is to improve the quality and comfort of workspaces without compromising energy-saving goals. Due to increasing sustainability requirements, new ways of working and changing office user preferences, there is a growing need for office renovations that not only deal with the energy performance and the replacement of building facilities, but also the occupants’ health and well-being. This research demonstrates the relationship between design factors, indoor climate and user satisfaction, without neglecting the fundamental goal of office renovation: reducing the energy demand, upgrading facilities and improving building performance.
The theses was supervised by Andy van den Dobbelsteen, Hilde Remoy and Ulrich Knaack.

For more information see here.

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