Glass-Paper Tree @ GtTL2018

///Glass-Paper Tree @ GtTL2018

BAMP! Building with paper! Paper is a mostly unexplored construction material that can be cleverly conjoined with thin glass to create very visually appealing structures. For architectural applications in exhibition stand construction, support structures made of hollow paper profiles and roofing, realized from lightweight thin-glass laminated glass, can be erected simply, cost-effectively and quickly.
The idea behind the „Branching Out“ pavilion of the TU Darmstadt team is to recreate natural branch structures including leaves. The curved leaf modules are particularly striking. They consist of a laminated safety glass laminate made of chemically toughened thin glass panes 1 mm thick. The glass is pre-curved and laminated with an intermediate PVB layer. In order to emphasize the optical perception of the sheet in addition to the geometry, the intermediate layer is colored green.

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