Tillmann Klein, appointed as Professor of Building Product Innovation

///Tillmann Klein, appointed as Professor of Building Product Innovation

With pleasure, the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment announces that Tillmann Klein (Wesel, 1967) has been appointed as Professor Building Product Innovation.
The Chair of Building Product Innovation will focus on the conceptualization and design of novel building products. The novelty of these products may lie in the uniqueness of the concept, in the novel use of materials, and in the use of novel materials.A proper understanding of modern means of production and manufacturing (such as CNC production technology, additive manufacturing, use of robotics) and of (de)construction and (dis)assembly (such as stacking techniques, dry-montage, dismantling) is an essential boundary condition. Special attention is paid to circularity: building products should be renewable, reusable and recyclable.

The Chair is meant to develop knowledge, theory, methodology, process, and practice of building product innovation. It will forward the area of building technology and architectural engineering, responding to urgent issues in science and society: design for sustainability, circularity, disasters and an aging society.

The Chair will be frontrunner in the field, a flagship for innovation in the built environment

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