IMAGINED BY: Daan Rietbergen, Tillmann Klein, Ulrich Knaack, Holger Strauß, Marcel Bilow

IMAGES BY: Marcel Bilow, Soumen Adhikary

DATE: 15-05-2009

KEYWORDS: on-site, load-bearing, recycling process, system building, waste

In cases of hurricanes and blizzards that devastate entire regions of the inhabited world, Rapid Shred Wrapping could help to recycle the materials that remain after such a disaster. The Shred Wrapping Manufacturer is brought to the area of destruction and recycles the rubble into new building material. From this material, new habitats are built on the site. The material could either be a new kind of OSB board or made into yardage material on reels for easy storage. Layered architecture could be built from such reeled material (e.g., Adobe or igloo structures.).

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