BAMP – Building with Paper

///BAMP – Building with Paper

The central scientific objective of LOEWE focus BAMP is to systematically develop the advantages of paper materials and their application in the field of construction and architecture, creating the essential scientific foundations.
Paper as a substitute material offers outstanding potential for more environmentally friendly and therefore more sustainable construction. It is a light-weight material, in which the fibers – in contrast to wood – can be arranged and functionalized. The production of paper can now be regarded as highly efficient and optimized. So far it has only been used in simple applications in the construction sector. Structural components and facade building systems should be further investigated with the aim to come up with innovative solutions for the future.
The project is a cooperative project of several faculties including architecture, civil engineering, mechanical engineering within the TU Darmstadt, the Hochschule Darmstadt and the Hochschule Mittelhessen. It is supported by the LOEWE Initiative Hessen.

for more information see here and here.

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