CINARK symposium

///CINARK symposium  

You are invited to a CINARK symposium Save the date: Thursday 4. May 2017 / 13.00 – 18.00

In collaboration with Velux Visiting Professor Ulrich Knaack from TU Delft – CINARK invites you to a symposium about
the ethics of industrialised architecture and its making – with a focus on the architectural detail.

Everything has to be new always – when dealing with technology!
New waves of Industrial Revolutions come and go – entitled 2.0, 4.0, 5.0 etc…
But, what is the state of architectural making today? Are we in a situation of post craftsmanship, post ‘industry’, post
financial crises, post sustainability, post waste, post product and post factual – only guided by an orientation towards
parametric driven performance and design?
In architecture details prove the level of knowledge and skill of both the architect, the manufacturer and the craftsman – and they are REAL!
Details are determined by the material qualities and by the technical as well as cultural understanding of their purpose and meaning.
Details determine the essence, durability and vitality of the building in present situations and over time.
Details supply new perceptions and findings long after the idiomatic treatment of the building has been exhausted.

Looking at how architecture is becoming more and more determined by industrialisation and
how new manufacturing processes change the architectural design process raises a number of fundamental ethical questions:

What is the role (importance) of detailing in today’s building practises?
Has the need for well-developed and refined details linked to the specific project disappeared?
Is the situation now that everything is digital, globally available and delivered in no time –
so we only have to combine simplified ready-mades and products that are detached from local cultures?
Or are we facing a digital driven redevelopment of craftsmanship that will reinvent custom made architectural details?
And then do the details of today serve the needs of tomorrow – who defines the properties and longevity of the good solutions?

This symposium seeks to frame a critical discussion – and looks at how the architectural practice, building industry and research
address the challenges when linking ethics and social responsibility with the current means of industrialized manufacturing, construction and making.

We will be back with a full program and further details soon!

CINARK – Center for Industrialised architecture
Institute of Architecture and Technology
The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts School of Architecture

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