Journal for Façade Design and Engineering 4/1-2/2016


///Journal for Façade Design and Engineering 4/1-2/2016 

Journal for Façade Design and Engineering 4/1-2/2016 is issued – and available for downloads. This issue was developed in cooperation with our guest editors Maria Founti and Julen Astudillo Larraz and AMANC, a collaboration and coordination platform across all the Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology EU funded projects functioning in the frame of the Energy Efficiency in Buildings public Private Partnership (EeB-PPP). More info at
The adoption of innovative materials in building envelopes offers a great potential for future design and construction. This is why the Journal of Facade Design and Engineering dedicates this special issue to this topic. JFDE is a firm partner for the distribution of scientific knowledge of the ICAE2015 International Congress on Architectural Envelopes (, organised by Tecnalia in San Sebastian, Spain.
The papers presented in this current issue originate from five AMANAC research projects that researched new advanced materials and systems for energy efficient buildings. The works have been selected among the AMANAC project research results, initially presented in a special Session at the ICAE2015. The extended papers have been subjected to the regular double, blind review process of the journal.

See link here.

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