PC Hooftstraat / Amsterdam

pc-hooftstraat-amsterdam-01 pc-hooftstraat-amsterdam-02 pc-hooftstraat-amsterdam-03 pc-hooftstraat-amsterdam-04

/// PC Hooftstraat / Amsterdam
This is really a massive glass structure!
Developed by the architect Winy Maas / MVRDV and the structural designer Rob Nijsse /ABT the Shop-Facade at Hooftstraat was built as a glass brick facade. Using the structural pattern of traditional ceramic brick construction, the glass bricks laminated with UV-activated glue were placed in position. Next to this the window frames were developed by glass tubes, keeping the glass pane in position.
At the top part of the facade the glass bricks are faded into the traditional ceramic brick by replacing the glass by ceramic bricks.
Testing of the structure was done at TU Delft.

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