San Sebastian workshop efnMOBL| Low Carbon High Architecture

Low-Carbon-High-Architecture-01 Low-Carbon-High-Architecture-02 Low-Carbon-High-Architecture-03 Low-Carbon-High-Architecture-04 Low-Carbon-High-Architecture-05 Low-Carbon-High-Architecture-06 Low-Carbon-High-Architecture-07 Low-Carbon-High-Architecture-08 Low-Carbon-High-Architecture-09

/// San Sebastian workshop efnMOBL| Low Carbon High Architecture

The assignment for course was: Find three functions for a façade and develop a suitable end-of-life concept! 45 international students worked one week intensively on their façade mock up following different approaches. While one group assembled various products from different material groups easily disconnect able (under 5 minutes!) another team used only synthetic material with comparably robust connection. Contrary concepts which show a suitable way to include the end of life into the façade design process.

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