Ewha Womans University – Seoul

Ewha-01 Ewha-02 Ewha-03 Ewha-04 Ewha-05 Ewha-06

/// Ewha Womans University – Seoul

The French architect Dominique Perrault was interested in how to merge architecture and landscape be integrating the buildings into the earth, which makes the term “ground floor” start to lose its meaning. The Ewha Womans University is the world’s largest female educational institute. The curtain walls characterized by high transparency, which allows the maximum use of daylight and natural ventilation. Mirrored stainless steel fins designed to resist high wind stress were integrated to the façade to gain rhythm and depth. The steel fins are supporting the massive glass panes and going through the whole building’s skin. The idea behind was to transform these structural elements into a visual experience to the users giving the feeling of a contemporary artwork.

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