Lloyd’s building – London

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/// Lloyd’s building – London

Richard Rogers was hired to design the new building for the original Lloyd’s insurance building in London in 1978. Completed in 1986, it would be the second expansion in the company’s history according to the overcrowded conditions. The polyvalent wall idea of Mike Davies, which a wall adapts itself to the changing outer conditions was kind of applied by designing Lloyd’s building as an exhaust façade consisting of a multi‐layered façade structure. The building is designed ‘inside out’, which means that all the services were brought to the facade of the building to allow having a clear interior space not interrupted by the building services. Stainless steel has been used to clad the entire building giving it the sense of high-tech. The facade main lines had been defined by the mechanical and service functions, which evokes the technological advance of the facade construction. Roger’s even decided to decorate the building with the left cranes on the top of it.

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