Stadttor Dusseldorf

Stadttor-01 Stadttor-02 Stadttor-03 Stadttor-04 Stadttor-05 Stadttor-06 Stadttor-07 Stadttor-08

/// Stadttor Düsseldorf

Stadttor Dusseldorf is the result of a competition between nine renowned architectural teams. The winner was Overdiek, Petzinka & Partners. The building consists of 16 floors. The building was opened in January of 1998. The facade is characterized by its double skin façade for natural ventilation. Due to legal issues, there was a two years delay in the construction of the stadttor. This time had been used to upgrade the performance of the facade, the first phase managed to increase the efficiency of the facade by 300-400 % over the original design, through the second and third phases the efficiency of the facade had been increased to a certain point as well. The whole system is fully computerized with 14.000 sensors located overall the building. The main goal was to enhance the users experience and maximize energy efficiency, which it had been achieved considering the whole building and its system allows an energy savings of 70 % over a closed system.

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