What is the actual size of the market for glass facades?


/// What is the actual size of the market for glass facades?

One question asked by Ms.A

Im interested to know what is the actual size of the market for glass facades: in sqm.
Existing buildings and planned as average per year. Do you have this information?
Or is this linked to a % to the amount of bio of sqm from produced float glass for the building industry ?


We tried to find out about the yearly produced and built sqm of facades in NL and Europe. Tried to link it with the produced sqm of coated glass. It was not possible to get any decent numbers. The façade industry in Europe is not centrally tracking what is built.

The most comprehensive summary we know of what was built in the past (office buildings) is the dissertation of our PhD Thiemo Ebbert.
Ebbert, T. (2010). Re-Face: Refurbishment Strategies for the Technical Improvement of Office Façades Building Technology. Delft, Delft University of Technology.

On a national level some governments keep track of new buildings by collecting data via buildings permits. In Germany it is done by the Statistisches Bundesamt (German federal Statistical Office). http://www.destatis.de. It gives a good guess about what has been built in the past years according to different building types and uses (GFA). The question is how that can be translated into sqm of facades. After studying numerous buildings Ebbert came up with a 55% ratio Facades/GFA for office buildings.

We are interested about any new information as well.

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