Glass House Office

Glass-House-Office-01 Glass-House-Office-02

/// Glass House Office

IMAGINED BY: Ulrich Knaack

DATE: 10-08-2010

KEYWORDS: simple structure, simple deconstruction, flying architecture, short term use, climate control

This concept delivers the potential to build an office in a glass house.

Glass houses are simple and efficient structures which offer rain protection and solar gain in spring and fall. To control the temperature in the summer in addition to ventilation via the roof, the proposal contains water tanks made out of standard PRT water bottles, which can be cooled during night time by cross ventilation and would act as a cold buffer in the daytime. For the winter period the glass house does need to be improved by additional insulation, which is provided in the design via 0.5 x 0.5 x 1 m polystyrol blocks, stacked like brickwork and oversailing the workplaces with a bracing system.

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