IMAGINED BY: Workshop “I am Energy”, Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts – School of Architecture, TU Delft – Faculty of Architecture – Façade Research Group

DATE: 09-06-2010

KEYWORDS: self growing material, biomaterial, renewable construction, self active architecture

Brainstorming Start: coat, layering

The straw house consists of a timber skeleton structure which is closed and covered with straw. For renewing purposes the straw is replaced from inside and on the roof and is established as a social event within the family. This will develop a tradition of replacement once a year – presumably in September, following this process:

A – cut straw in September
B – Stitch straw to mattress
C – Place it inside
D – Pull off the 10 year old outer layer
E – Replace the straw mattress from inside and push package forward.
A – cut straw in September
B – Stitch straw to roof shingles
C – move roof package towards edge
D – place roof shingles at top

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