ErasmusKrankenhaus – Rotterdam

Erasmuskrankenhaus-01 Erasmuskrankenhaus-02 Erasmuskrankenhaus-03 Erasmuskrankenhaus-04

/// ErasmusKrankenhaus – Rotterdam

The idea was driven by the desire for a better integration of all teaching facilities with the Medical centre. As the Medical centre hoped for better interaction between the departments, the staff and the expertise. Therefore a new building which help to achieve their goal had been designed.

The new design helped to link the entire Erasmus Medical centre with the city. Only glass had been used to form the Zig Zag façade of the EMC Educational Centre as well to act as a shield against the wind and water tightening, using glass as a structural element allows the possibility to omit mullions. The 90 degrees corners, which formed by the Zig Zag façade provides 650 millimetres structural depth, as a result the steel construction could be reduced to only framework consisting of steel bars completely hidden in the joints of the glass panels.

The system detailing is highly optimized. The main considerations for developing this new facade were lightness, transparency and security.

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