Hauptverwaltung EnBW Stuttgart


/// Hauptverwaltung EnBW Stuttgart

Owner: EnBW Liegenschaften Baumanagement, Stuttgart

TGA: Balck und Partner, Heidelberg

Accomplishment: Climate and façade concept, Evaluation of energy consumption, Life cycle analysis

Study finished: 2007

Façade renovation project for the former main administration building EnBW in the centre of Stuttgart:  the main objectives of the renovation process were:

  • Modernizing the visual appearance if the building while maintaining its geometry.
  • Improve the existing façade performance in matter of building physics.
  • Limited intervention in the existing façade.
  •  Reduction of stresses on the courtyard façade.


  1. Ok, entirely agree. You’ve hit the nail on the head.


  2. Remarkable blog post. Would you direct me to some more
    of your work?


  3. Yep, fully agreee. You’ve slammed the nail on the head.


  4. Ok, completely agree. You might have slammed the nail on the head completely


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