Generating Energy Façade

Generating-Energy-facade-01- Generating-Energy-facade-02- Generating-Energy-facade-03- Generating-Energy-facade-04-

/// Generating Energy Façade 

The main concept is useing wind power in combination with Piezo electric technology to generate energy in form of electricity, The mock-up had been done by group of students from Detmolder Hochschule. The mock-up supposed to be consider as type of façade cladding consist of three layers, the outer and the inner layer are fixed, the layer in between is fixed to a rotated axis in the middle to allow it to vibrate when it exposed to the wind power. Springs are fixed all around the frame facing pressure Piezo electric type, allowing to generate electricity when the springs starts to hit on the Piezo elements, The mock-up had been presented in Gevel messe Rotterdam.

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