Interactive light sculpture

Interactive-light-sculpture-01 Interactive-light-sculpture-02 Interactive-light-sculpture-03 Interactive-light-sculpture-04

/// Interactive light sculpture

IMAGINED BY: Leland Curtis, guided by U. Knaack, T. Klein, and M. Bilow Part of the Future Envelope class at Penn State University

DATE: 21/02/2011

KEYWORDS: structure, glass, light, moving, transparency

Performance: interactivity

The façade attempts to absorb the unique story of each visitor and reflects it, combined with the impressions left by all who have recently interacted with it.
This is accomplished through an interactive sculpture installed in the storefront windows.
It lights up as people pass and records their motion to be replayed later. The result is a smoothly flowing light sculpture that embodies the movement of the city. The sculpture is located at pedestrian level where it can be most interactive.

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