Bloom solar shading

Bloom-solar-shading-01 Bloom-solar-shading-02 Bloom-solar-shading-03

/// Bloom solar shading

IMAGINED BY: Mahzad Tashakori, guided by U. Knaack, T. Klein, and M. Bilow Part of the Future Envelope class at Penn State University

DATE: 05/02/2011

KEYWORDS: dynamic, shading, pattern, bio inspired, façade

Performance: shading

The idea is to create solar shading modules that form a second façade layer for buildings in arid climates such as Iran. This system can be mounted on existing mullions of glazing or be built as a twin layered façade.
Solar panels are opened and closed manually from the inside, based on the amount of shading desired. Ropes pull the panels out. In the model, they are also actuated by SMA wires, which means that the system can be run by heat sensors or computers.
To enhance the performance, PV cells could be used as panels themselves to store energy. With thermal sensors they could be integrated in a building management system to control the blooming based on the solar angle at different times and in different climates. Stored solar energy could run the motor that opens up the panels.
Arduino in the form of an environmental sensor can be effectively used in this system to capture the environmental data and affect the computational model of the façade in the building management system and thus operate the modules.

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