Urban space envelope

Urban-space-envelope-01 Urban-space-envelope-02 Urban-space-envelope-03

/// Urban space envelope

IMAGINED BY: Behnisch Architects in cooperation with imagine structures and imagine envelope

DATE: 25/09/2007

KEYWORDS: umbrella, structure, climate, sustainability, comfort

Performance: space coverage

This roof concept was developed for a competition in Rome. The goal was to create a comfortable outside space with the use of individual umbrellas. Each of the umbrellas fulfils a different function within the urban environment; in their entirety they create sustainable and comfortable shelter. In addition to classic functions such as sun protection, the umbrellas can serve to collect rain water or generate electricity by means of photovoltaic cells. Light mist can be sprayed from the umbrella shafts to cool the entire plaza by adiabatic cooling. The use of solar power and collected rain water makes this concept virtually energy self-sufficient.

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