Stylos Pavilion

Stylos-Pavilion-01 Stylos-Pavilion-02 Stylos-Pavilion-03 Stylos-Pavilion-04 Stylos-Pavilion-05

/// Stylos Pavilion 

Competition, design, and realisation of the new Stylos Pavilion

Every five years the society of architecture students of Delft, STYLOS, holds a competition among students to design a pavilion for common use. The chair Design of Construction guided the project organisationally and technically.

The design elected in 2006 represents a “black box” of 10 by 10 meters which will continuously turn green by plants growing on all five surfaces. The design and construction of the building with its 9 meter high “platform-frame” construction was planned and executed by students of Delft Technical University.

The main structure of the pavilion consisted of only 4 wall units, each measuring 10 / 9 meters, and 5 roof-plates of 10 / 2 meters, which were mounted in only one day.

The vertical green façades generate the main appearance of the pavilion. The façade was equipped with different species of plants, alternating flowering periods, varying with the seasons of nature. The construction has been widely published and quoted.


Project leader: Ulrich Knaack

Executed by: Ulrich Knaack, Thiemo Ebbert,

Period: October 2005 – December 2007



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