House of the future

Hause-of-the-future-1 Hause-of-the-future-2

/// House of the future

IMAGINED BY: Behnisch Architects in cooperation with M. Bilow and U. Knaack

DATE: 13/07/2007

KEYWORDS: structure, façade, modules, functions, adaptability

Performance: adaptability

This building was developed for the campus of IIT in Chicago with the purpose of highlighting new and future technologies. To counteract the problem that, upon completion, the building would no longer be a house of the future, the façade was developed as a load-bearing frame that can accommodate changing new and innovative components. In a first version, functional components have been arranged across the entire façade depending on the requirements of the interior space and the geographic orientation. In this example, functional panels for solar power and collector surfaces, for example, are mounted on the southern part of the façade; while the northern façade is equipped with highly insulated or translucent elements.

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