Dialogue-DisplaY-01 Dialogue-DisplaY-02 Dialogue-DisplaY-03 Dialogue-DisplaY-04


IMAGINED BY: Miriam Lott, guided by U. Knaack, T. Klein, and M. Bilow Part of the Future Envelope class at Penn State University

DATE: 09/04/2011

KEYWORDS: flexible paper, display, moving elements, façade

Performance: accessibility

This façade works as both a drawing surface and a display system for artwork. In its simplest form, paper scrolls through a system of rollers transferring images from the interior drawing space to the exterior community face.
In order to transform a paper system into a weatherproof and self-supporting façade, more layers must be added. The tubes of the rollers serve as the main structure with the other elements being threaded onto the system, such as cross bracing and glass connectors. This design aims at exposing the system as a learning tool. Therefore, simple gear systems connect and turn the rollers, powered by a manual hand crank.
The translucent properties of the paper allow the system to effectively work as a shading system for the highly glazed nature of a display façade. While the lower units of the system are blank drawing surfaces, the upper units will use a moiré-type effect to display pre-determined works of art. Dividing the art into alternating circles that form and blur the image as the façade scrolls brings a simple glass façade to life.

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