european façade network MOBIL – efnMOBIL

work program „emerging envelopes“ 2013-2016

powered by Alcoa Foundation and Architecture for Humanity

a cooperation of:

TU Delft / the Netherlands

Faculty of Architecture

Prof Dr. Ing Ulrich Knaack


Hochschule Ost Westphalen-Lippe – Germany

Detmolder Schule für Architektur und Innenarchitektur

Prof. Dr. Ing. Uta Pottgiesser

Being involved in education and research we believe in the potential of the inspiring energy that workshops and 1:1 mock-up buildings generate for young and developing architects, designers and engineers. Nothing exceeds the experience of seeing one’s own design physically developing and participating in the materialization. All aesthetic, special and technical performances of the design can be experienced and evaluated, problems in the realization become apparent and guide toward a better understanding of the process and the technology.

The efnMOBIL program  “emerging envelope” will be a traveling workshop during the years 2013 till 2016 –  being active in several locations in Europe and provide the facility to experiment, build and evaluate building envelope constructions.


-2013  Detmold

November 2013  / workshop

-2014   Bath

June 2014 / workshop

-2014   Aachen

July 2014 / workshop (thinking skin)

-2014  Düsseldorf

October 2014 / Glastec (exhibition)

-2014   Lucerne

November 2014 / workshop

-2015   Delft

May/June 2015 / workshop

-2015    San Sebastian

June / July 2015 / workshop

-2015   Detmold

November 2015 / workshop

-2016   Düsseldorf

October 2014 / Glastec (exhibition)

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