Dolce Vita Tejo Lisbon, Portugal

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///Dolce Vita Tejo Lisbon, Portugal

Client: Charmartin
Completion: May 2009
Building area: 46.000 m²
Architect: RTKL, London; Promontorio, Lisbon
Structural: Atelier One, London
Heating, Ventilation, Plumbing: LMSA, Lisbon
Climate Engineering: Transsolar Energietechnik GmbH
Thomas Auer, Friedemann Kik, Markus Krauss
The design idea for the new shopping mall, Dolce Vita Tejo in Lisbon, was to realize a transparent foil cushion roof, which spans over 46.000 m². The main objective for the Climate-Engineering was to develop a solution, which would provide thermal comfort and high daylight availability at the same time.
Due to the location of the site – Lisbon with above 1600 kWh/m² solar radiation and an average yearly ambient temperature of about 17°C, this was a challenge for the design team. The solution is different coatings on specific parts of the cushion roof, allowing low energetic north diffuse light to enter the mall, but provide shading from the direct sun. The mall area will be conditioned with a floor cooling system in combination with jet nozzles.
Louvers at the perimeter can be opened for natural ventilation, minimizing energy consumption.
Only with the combination of different design tools (daylight simulation, dynamic thermal simulation and CFD) it was possible to find an optimized the solution.
On the site the construction work already started and we are looking forward to go shopping in Lisbon.
Site factors:
– Geographic position: latitude 38,71° north, longitude
-9,13° east, 56 m above sea level
– Solar irradiance (on horizontal surface per year):
1683 kWh/m²
– Maximum humidity 16 g/kg
– Hours per year > 25°C: 673 h
– Mean annual temperature: 16,8 °C
– Mean wind velocity at 10 m: 3,75 m/s
– Dynamic thermal simulation with TRNSYS
– Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) Gambit and Fluent
– Daylight simulation and shading studies with RADIANCE

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