Speed Skating Hall, Inzell

Speed-skating-inzel-04 Speed-skating-inzel-03 Speed-skating-inzel-01 Speed-skating-inzel-02

/// Speed Skating Hall, Inzell

Client: Gemeinde Inzell
Completion: 03/2011
Gross area: 20.000 m²
Architect: Behnisch Architekten, München und Pohl Architekten, Jena
Structural: Köppl, Rosenheim und Haumann & Fuchs, Traunstein
Building physics: PMI, Unterhaching
Building services: IB Krawinkel, Krefeld (HVAC) IB Bittner, Waldkraiburg (Electr.)
Lighting design: Bartenbach Lichtlabor, Aldrans, Austria
Climate Engineering: Transsolar Energietechnik GmbH
The existing speed skating track and hockey rink was covered and enclosed, to ensure even under unfavourable external conditions optimal training and competition conditions. It must be noted that the stadium is normally used by the German national team for training purposes as well as by other international teams. It is also used for popular sport events with more than 150 people. Events like the World Cup and Ice Speedway with 3,500 spectators a day and the Speed Skating World Cup with 7,000 spectators in one day are an exception.
For the building performance the following objectives were defined:
– Optimal training and competition conditions for the athletes
– Glare-free daylight
– No fog or condensation
– Reduction of the net, final and primary energy demand
In the integrated design process the energy and climate concept was developed with the following elements:
– Dehumidification of indoor air through sorption
– Natural lighting using translucent roof
– Separation of the air currents for the athletes and the
– Minimization of the IR radiation exchange between ice rink
and roof using low-e-coating
– Use of waste heat from chiller devices
– Heat from biomass (primary energy factor PEF = 0.2)
The performances of the built stadium are as good as expected and validate the simulation result and forecast.
The speed skating hall Inzell by international standards offers greater comfort and “fast ice” to the athletes while minimizing the primary energy demand.

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