Luiqid-Facade-01 Luiqid-Facade-02



IMAGINED BY: Arie Bergsma, Tillmann Klein, Ulrich Knaack

DATE: 01/07/2007

KEY WORDS: liquid façade, energy performance, climate control

The idea is to create a climate-adaptive façade – with liquid materials used as the media to vary the building-physical properties of the façade such as thermal insulation, incidence of daylight, solar shading, etc., and to cool and heat the building. The solution should focus on the symbiosis of different properties in one material. One could, for instance, think of a system of multi-layered cushions (such as Lexan panels) with different compartments, which can be filled and refilled separately and independently of one another: either with water, air, or other liquid material. Dynamic climate-controlled façades that can adapt their building-physical properties to the changes in the outdoor climate that occur with the time of day and season as well as make optimum use of the collection of solar energy can play an important role in improving the energy performance of future buildings and the interior climate.

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