Pneumatic-Structure-01 Pneumatic-Structure-02 Pneumatic-Structure-03 Pneumatic-Structure-04 Pneumatic-Structure-05 Pneumatic-Structure-06 Pneumatic-Structure-07 Pneumatic-Structure-08 Pneumatic-Structure-09 Pneumatic-Structure-10


IMAGINED BY: Schütte, Sander

DATE: 13/03/2006

SUPPORTED BY: Ulrich Knaack

KEYWORDS: layered construction, pneumatic, insulation, load-bearing, low-cost, envelope, structure, textile.

The idea for this façade is to use the possibility of the thermal mass of sand for tent structures in the desert. By mixing air and sand, sand could be use as a liquid, transportable material. In this design, the structure should be dome-shaped to provide maximum space with a minimum of surface area.

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