/// Balloon Sun-Shading

IMAGINED BY: Marcel Bilow, Tillmann Klein

DATE: 13/03/2006

KEYWORDS: pneumatic, sunshading, moving, adapting, façade, envelope, 0-10 years,foil, air

The combination of deflated (façade) and inflated constructions (e.g. balloons) can be used to create sun-shading devices or different transparencies in façade constructions.
Generally there are two possibilities to adjust the balloons.
1-Open System: The balloons are connected to an independent pressure system.
The relation of pressure difference between inner and the surrounding pressure.
2-Closed System: The balloons are not connected to the outside pressure. By simply changing the vacuum within the façade construction, a pressure difference is created.
The balloons have to be filled with a certain amount of air before being enclosed in the façade in order to allow a growing and shrinking of the device.
The First option is constructively more complex, but allows better regulation of the size without changing the vacuum in the façade and its insulating properties. Tests have shown that both principles work. A critical factor is the homogeneous pressure distribution within the system. Balloons attached in a cardboard bookshelf façade before the foil is mounted.

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