Glas-Sandwich-Aluminiumprofile-01 Glas-Sandwich-Aluminiumprofile-02 Glas-Sandwich-Aluminiumprofile-03 Glas-Sandwich-Aluminiumprofile-04 Glas-Sandwich-Aluminiumprofile-05

/// Project : Glas-Sandwich-Aluminiumprofile

Date: 1998

Location: Mobile framework on the testing site of faculty of architecture

Project manager: Jan Wurm

Team members: E. Acciarito, I. Klockenbusch,

S. Riesenkampff, J. Vossebürger

Tehcincal support: Institut für Stahlbau I RWTH Aachen

Sponsor: VEGLA, Klaus Fischer GmbH

Concept: By bounding the panels and the aluminium cubes, the loading capacity can be remarkably increased, another aspect is controlling privacy and sunscreens.

In this project, an aluminum cubes with dimension  4*4 cm were glued in the space between the glass panes. The result is 3*3 m insulating glass pane of normal window glass.

what is really remarkable in this solution is the simple manufacturing process for this simple elements, also the ability to adopt to different load requirements, such as wind loads on tall buildings , due to the full control of the aluminum cubes distribution (Fig 01, View through the facade) .

Construction: The aluminum cubes distribution in the space between the glass panes allow the optimum absorption of the shear forces. The connections between the glass and the metal profiles were fixed by transparent high-performance double sided tape.

A variation of the way the panel looks were granted by alternating arrangement of the aluminum cubes. the entire panel was rounded with a moisture absorber pressure chamber, in order to avoid any condensation from the air (Fig 02,03,Facade in construction phase, facade exterior view ) .

Glass: The glass for the sandwich construction consisted of 2*6 mm float glass. VSG or TVG can be used to increase stability of the panel, the thickness of the glass for such a system is considerably lower than the other systems with the same overall dimensions (Fig. 04,05 Detail, Detail).

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