Aachen_Glaspavillon-02 Aachen_Glaspavillon-03 Aachen_Glaspavillon-04 Aachen_Glaspavillon-05 Aachen_Glaspavillon-06 Aachen_Glaspavillon-07 Aachen_Glaspavillon-08 Aachen_Glaspavillon-09 Aachen_Glaspavillon-10 Aachen_Glaspavillon-11

/// Project : Glaspavilon

Date: 1995

Location: Aachen, opposite Templergraben 55

Project manager: Ulrich Knaack, Thomas Link

Team members: P. Dörrwächter, J. Hohlfeld, A. Naujokat, C. Skaane, K.-H. Temmes, M. Tümmers, J. Wurm

Sponsored by: VEGLA u.a.

Concept: For RWTH’s Aachen. 125 Anniversary celebration came the idea of a temporary exhibition pavilion, which was a simple modular system developed from prefabricated elements. The pavilion entirely consisted of glass and was demount-able, only the main connection parts were made of steel fixed in combination with bonded compounds to ease the disassembling process (Fig 01,02 overall view) .

Supporting Structure: The pavilion’s dimensions are 2.5 m high by 2.5 m width by 6.25 length, Supporting system holds the roof and the wall panels. Two U shape steel-profiles connected to each other do hold the glass fins. The roof panels placed on glass beams and the facade panels fixed to glass fins to reinforce in both longitudinal and transverse directions (Fig 03. Supporting system isometric) .

Construction: As all the supporting elements are made of glass, the connections unites have only fixing function. The connections unites consists of steel angles with slotted holes connected by 10 mm bolts with washer. The pavilion’s base consist of  two U shape steel profiles elevated on scaffold feet. The glass columns fixed with 20 mm bolts to the U shape steel profiles to support the vertical loads till the removal of the U shape steel profiles on the disassembling phase.

The doors consists of two sliding door plates, the connections filled with silicon overall the door height (Fig 04,05,06,07 Top detail & Bottom detail isometric, Top detail, Bottom detail) .

Glass: Columns and beams were made of laminated safety glass designed to hold the permissible loads. Column’s dimensions are 3 * 12 mm ESG, beam’s dimensions are 2 * 6 mm TVG. Roof and wall panels dimensions are 1.25 * 2.50 m * 0.012 m ESG. To avoid glass-glass connection, 3 mm PVC film had been used between the glass layers. (Fig. 08,09,10 Section, Section, Interior)

Comments: As the exhibition pavilion was realized only as a temporary object and since it was not designed for human occupancy, to make that possible, the roof panels were made of laminated safety glass.

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