The Museum aan de Stroom in Antwerp

Museum aan de Stroom-05 Museum aan de Stroom-03 Museum aan de Stroom-02 Museum aan de Stroom-01

The Museum aan de Stroom is a museum located in the Eilandje district of Antwerp, Belgium, the museum shaped as boxes stacked like container covered with red Indian stone combined with curved glass curtain wall, Antwerp was noted for the wealth of its citizens as its considered as one of the largest seaports in Europe and this was presented on the houses of these citizens , The museum MAS came to present a successful transaction towards 21st century observed from its modern architecture.

The curved glass curtain can be seen as a new interpretation of the material glass, being known as a crystal material here it is used in a more free form way – which gives it quite some emotion. Technically it is a stapled self-supporting glass structure, which is stiffened by the shape of the glass without additional steel structure

Architect:  Neutelings Riedijk Architects

Glass structure engineer:  Rob Nijsse

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